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Event Description
Ares Drill
Let’s test ourselves!  Instead of having the conference April 4,   let’s conduct a drill that would be applied during this emergency, during a blizzard, or any other widespread situation!   Here’s the plan:  

On April 4th:

9 AM: Checkin Net on146.745 for Mahoning County ARES

Mahoning County ARES will run a 2M net on the 146.745 repeater from 9:00am to 10:00am.  We are asking all volunteers to check in and report the power level and type of antenna they are using.  

11 AM:   Checkin net on 40 meters  7.240 +/- QRM  

11:30 AM:  Checkin net on 80 meters  3.902 +/-  

12:15 PM:  Checkin net on 80 for OHDEN  3585  

1:00 PM:  Checkin net on DMR Ohio (3139)  and Fusion  “Ohio Link:                  31399  

These will be a quick check-in only nets, no traffic. It’s just designed to prove we can communicate from home, while ‘locked down’ and still get the job done!   Hope to hear you on the air! Click here to go to ARES Connect
NVIS DAY April 25, 2020.  Each year Ohio ARES conducts the NVIS Antenna Day.  It is scheduled for April 25th this year, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm but we are going to take the advice of Stan Broadway, Ohio ARES SEC, to continue with NVIS Day but not as a large group event.  Instead we invite you to operate NVIS day from your home as an individual.

Click here for more details

Sign up is through ARES Connect.  Click here to go to ARES Connect