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Mahoning County ARES Upcoming Events

Event Description

MC ARES Live Action Training/Picnic Saturday, July 16, 2022 10:00am

July 16 ARES will be doing training in support of a live action drill later in the year. Our original intent was to do a live drill in July and have people drive to various locations in Mahoning County that would likely be important in a disaster, such as local hospitals, EMA, etc. With the current gas prices, we can’t see asking people to use their gas for a drill and have revised the event be a training session on using and programming your HT for alternate repeaters and simplex frequencies.

The training will be in person at the pavilion in Poland Township Park. Since we will be in the park, we are combining the training with an informal picnic. Nothing fancy, we just ask anyone attending to bring a lunch for themselves and a snack to share.

Our original exercise plan was to simulate the 146.745 repeater going dead and moving our volunteers to alternate repeater and simplex frequencies. We will still stay with this theme but will be able to help anyone having trouble programming their HT during the training. Frank, WB8YHD, sent all registered volunteers an email recently reminding them of the procedure for repeater failure. If you are not registered or did not receive the email, please drop us an email at . We will also be discussing a standard frequency plan for programming radios, using Chirp for programming, and the ICS 205 form for planning radio frequency usage.