Mahoning County ARES

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  • Mahoning County ARES Forum;
  • ARES State Forum Marion, Ohio 2017;
  • W8SGT Columbus, Ohio

ARES Connect

ARES Connect is ARRL's new software for registering ARES Volunteers, scheduling ARES events, and recording volunteer participation.  Anyone joining Mahoning County ARES for the first time needs to register using ARES Connect. Current Mahoning County ARES volunteers are strongly encouraged to register with ARES Connect. All other amateurs are welcomed to register with ARES connect, We encourage all volunteers to complete the NIMS 100, 200, 700, and 800 courses, but they are not required to register.  Going forward, Mahoning County ARES events will be managed through the ARES Connect system and it will be used to disseminate information to volunteers.

Registration for ARES Connect can be accessed here: ARES Connect .  When registering you must use your Call Sign as your User ID and be sure to enter the county as Mahoning.

Ohio Section Ares Connect Instructions:

How to sign up for ARES Connect

How to sign up and report your hours in ARES Connect

Hints and Kinks on ARES Connect